H  I  S    F  I  G  H  T    A  G  A  I  N  S  T    M  U  L  T  I  P  L  E     M  Y  E  L  O  M  A

Allen Desormeaux: Battling to Defeat "El Chapo McRib"*

Allen's family and friends have rallied to cover Allen, Ashley and Carter with love and support.

     This website will follow Allen's journey—and show us ways that we can help.

About Allen

Allen Desormeaux is a 38-year-old husband, father and decorated police officer from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Against all odds, this healthy young man was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an aggressive cancer that attacks the bones, in April 2018. 

       A native of Lake Charles, Allen is a 1999 graduate of Barbe High School and a 2006 graduate of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Training Academy. His service to the community includes nearly a decade with the Sulphur Police Department and service to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office since 2015. In that time, Allen has earned nearly a dozen awards for his achievements as a K-9 officer and in the narcotics division, where he’s responsible for seizing millions of dollars’ worth of illicit substances and assets.

       Allen and his wife, Ashley, have been married for 10 years and have a 2-year-old son, Carter. Upon confirming his diagnosis at Avail Health, Allen discovered the disease had already caused at least nine fractures in his ribs. He began treatment at MD Anderson in Houston on April 11, 2018, which started with an 11-day stay, surgery to cement his spine and an initial round of chemotherapy.

       With support from his immediate and extended families and his professional family— the hundreds of men and women in blue with whom he’s served—Allen is determined to beat the odds and this disease. 


* "El Chapo McRib": That's the name Allen gave his cancer after hearing about a fellow deputy who "named" his cancer—and went on to beat it!

Allen and Ashley tell Allen's story.