So I have cancer.

Starting around December 2017 I started having pains in my back and ribs. I had plenty of excuses to explain what was causing the pain. I chalked it up to moving, remodeling, slab life and getting gainz in the gym! I never really took a break from any of it. It seemed like it would get a little better, then I would do something simple to aggravate the injury. I tried a chiropractor, deep tissue massages, bath soaks, a tens device and even took the month of March off from the gym.

Around the week of March 20 the pain was taking control of my life. I felt like someone took a bat from my neck down to my lower back. I couldn’t really lift anything and it was hard just getting around.

The following week (March 26) I was still actively hunting on the slab and pushing through the pain. I struggled to make it to a family function on Good Friday. That Saturday I couldn’t get out of bed. I refused to miss spending time with Ashley Desormeaux and our son on Easter Sunday hunting eggs, so staying in bed was not an option.

With a lot of encouragement from family that week, I started setting up appointments to get checked out. Again, I’m still thinking something is torn or strained, because I was in pretty good shape up until the first of the year. I also had quarterly checkups with my primary doctor and participated in our yearly work health checks.

This brings me to April 3. I went to a different chiropractor who refused to adjust me. He encouraged me to see an orthopedist and get more images of the problem areas. After attending a work meeting, I checked into Avail Health. Within minutes I was getting a CAT scan on my chest and back. I didn’t know it at the time, but they called Ashley and told her I was refusing pain meds and she needed to come up there. I took the initial meds but refused the morphine, for the record.

After she got there the ER doctor and pathologist informed us that it appeared I had multiple myeloma. I could clearly see lesions on my ribs and spine. The doctor said I had at least nine fractured ribs and maybe a hairline fracture in one of my discs. After a biopsy Thursday, they confirmed that I have multiple myeloma. All I know is that it attacks the calcium in my bones, which makes them weak and brittle.

I’m basically on a holding pattern until April 17, when I go to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. Once there, the process of destroying this cancer will proceed like a freight train! Losing is not an option!

I would like to thank my rockstar wife, family and friends for all the texts, messages, phone calls and surprise visits I’ve received. I’m sorry if I haven’t answered or responded to everyone. I assure you it’s not on purpose. It’s just been a crazy week with everything going on.

I would also like to thank the amazing staff/family at Avail Health and Lake Charles Memorial Health for everything they did for us!


My family, friends and I are only asking for prayers at this time. I know things could be better, but I also know things could be 10 times worse, so I’m grateful to even be typing this right now. So positive thoughts, prayers and positive thinking are always welcomed!