El Chapo McRib

Update on me and “El Chapo McRib” - l gave cancer a name after hearing about a fellow deputy who beat his cancer!

Once again Ash and I have been blown away by all the prayers and support we have been given! All I can say is THANK YOU! We are truly blessed to have the support system we have. I give Ashley Desormeaux all the credit for that. She’s been in absolute mommy beast mode taking care of me and Carter.😘


The last two days have been a little rough. Lots of pain and it's hard to get around! The  worst part of all this is telling your 2-year-old you can’t do something he wants to do with you. That’s been a huge kick in the butt.

Huge thanks to Ben Moore for making some calls to his doctor peeps! Because of my pain getting worse, MD Anderson is accepting me today instead of April 17. Not sure what will happen when I get there, but I’ll try to keep everyone posted.


Please keep the prayers coming. Obviously they’re working. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 

Thank y’all again!!


“El Chapo McRib” it's about to GO DOWN!