Day 7 at MD Anderson

Since I’m unable to sleep, I figured I would give everyone an update on my condition and experience.


As I’m typing this, the nurse walks in holding more bags of rainbow-colored IV fluids. 😎🌈 She also tells me it’s time to check my vitals. This is pretty much a nightly routine now.👍🏻


I’m sure the other nurse responsible for my breathing treatment will be in shortly. 😬😤 I have a love/hate relationship with that little guy. First off, who wants to wake up in the middle of the night to breathe through this toy gun-looking thing?💨🔫  


See, the meds help my lungs with the pneumonia, which is great. In return it also makes me cough...which hurts my ribs...not so great. I try to remember it’s the small battles like this that will help me win the war, though, so I just suck it up. No pun intended.😜


I still would like to thank everyone - and I do mean everyone - for their prayers and supportive thoughts. On behalf of me and Ashley Desormeaux there is ZERO doubt that God is listening and guiding us through this path. Clearly everyone’s voice is being heard.


Monday, April 16, I spent much of the morning having a full body x-ray scan. They basically x-ray your whole body, but it involves moving around quite a bit. Like doing a MD Anderson Magazine spread, I guess you could say.😎 This would have been no big deal, but when it hurts to even breathe it’s quite a challenge. It also felt like I fractured another rib Sunday night from coughing, but I think it’s just really sore😢😫😬 so that didn’t help much!


Tuesday, April 17, I had PET Scan scheduled for 6 a.m., during which they pump your veins full of radioactive dye, toss you in a room with a beach picture 🖼🌴🌴for an hour and let you marinate. Once you're done marinating they strap you down to a table and put you in some machine that looks like it belongs on Space Mountain. For 20 minutes you can’t move or anything!😡😡BORING! I was told the scan detects cancer cells in your body so the docs know exactly where it’s spread. I’ll take their word for it.🤗


After my PET scan, I broke in my new back brace and used a walker. It became very clear that my walker needs an upgrade. It’s way too slow for me. I need something a little more high speed/low drag. 👮‍♂️🐕Macho🐕would turn the loaner into a pretzel anyway, so that’s something I’ll have to look into! Plus, I'm not sure if P&P allows me to make traffic stops with a walker. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😜


I had a few visitors today, which I’m so grateful for! Even if it’s five minutes, it’s great to have a little bit of normalcy. Special visit from Ash’s MiMi, aunt and uncle! I’m pretty sure I passed out when they got here though, so sorry. 😴😴


Finally, some of my teammates from the task force made it over here - Stuart HendersonChad BoothJosh Maddox and Kevin Hoover .


I can’t thank those guys enough, along with my other friends who came in this past weekend. 😎👍🏻👍🏻


A huge surprise today came from Justin Sylvester, who brought a huge bag of BBQ down from Austin with him today! Unfortunately we had to vacuum seal it and save it, but we’re beyond grateful.🐄🍖🍗🐽👍🏻


I'm starting to see why people say they “battled” cancer and it’s such a long, hard fight. Everything I’ve been through and continue to go through thus far hasn’t touched my actual illness or myeloma. Up to this point, everything the doctors have done is to prepare my body for the actual fight and cancer meds!


For the last seven days it’s been about rebuilding my foundation. All of the hurt, pain and suffering...and “El Chapo McRib” hasn’t even had to leave the couch yet. That’s about to change though with everyone’s prayers.🙏🏻🙏🏻


For any doubters and disbelievers, this is for you. Since my ICU vacay, doctors are still not able to explain why I even became septic. They can’t explain why I had pneumonia. Ready for this? They can’t explain why my labs and all my tests are the same as before I was diagnosed, or in most cases, better. So once again, on paper it looks like I’m the machine i always thought I was. 😀😀


If it wasn’t for the myeloma that destroyed my bones, I would probably be in great shape. Unfortunately, the bone fractures and lesions cause so much pain it’s hard to deal with anything else.


Well wouldn’t you know it, it’s 3 a.m. and my IV/vein just gave out and it’s time for another breathing treatment. The great thing about MDA is they just order a new IV and it’s like NASCAR. “The IV Team” 💉💉shows up and BAM you're back in business.


There you have it peeps! This is what a typical day/night is for me right now. Even as hard as it sounds, I’m still grateful that I’m even still here today living this fight. I know that things can always be worse and someone out there has it a lot harder than me!


Even though El Chapo McRib is no joke, I still pray for my fellow CPSO brother Parker Vaughan, who is still and will continue to battle through much more pain🙏🏻🙏🏻


I may be hurting and sore, but I still can’t compare the lose that an instructor/idol someone I truly respect in the Criminal Interdiction Community, Shawn-Kamran Pardazi, has to deal with that’s just unimaginable to me. My illness is small compared to his loss🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


So, yes, it’s very easy for me to stay the course and fight! God bless!