Back at home

Just to clear up any confusion, I figured it was past due for me to update everyone. On Sunday, April 22, I was released from MD Anderson!


After 11 days of being in the hospital, I was finally able to go home. I felt like I had won a small battle just knowing I was getting released. I could absolutely go on and on about the staff and facilities at MDA and how impressive that place is. 😳😳 It is truly a well-oiled, cancer-fighting machine!


For the record, even though I loved MDA, clearly there are some things I will not miss one bit. Instead of boring everyone about all the stuff I didn’t like or won’t miss I’ll keep it classy and upbeat! It’s just hard to get past the PTSD😬😬 of feeling like a pin cushion the last couple of weeks. Anyone that knows me or has had the pleasure of going to the 👨🏻‍⚕️doctor with me knows how much I just ❤️💞 💉💉 “insert sarcasm”... ☹️☹️


Fun Fact #5.5, when I was around 5 or 6 years old my older brother was cutting grass✂️🌿. Of course like all little brothers I always wanted to be around my big bro. That particular day, I apparently got a little to close to my big bro, who was on the riding lawn mower. Our lives were changed forever that day. At some point, I ended up under the mower. 😬😫😢 I lost all five toes on my right foot. A lot of people know me just because of that accident, but as the years go by I think I just assume everyone knows but they don’t. I’m not sure how long or the exact number, but I’m pretty sure I spent more than six months in the hospital recovering from the accident. Someone told me i had numerous surgeries just to clean out the dirt and debris from my foot before they could even think about moving forward. Then came the months of physical therapy and learning to walk again.


It’s safe to say that’s why hospitals are my least favorite place in the world to visit. I’m sure my hatred of needles💉💉also comes from the same place. So imagine the thoughts going through my head when I found out about El Chapo McRib.😏😖 I was more concerned about going to the hospital than being sick. After all that time, I had returned back to being poked and stuck by medical staff 24/7 😬.


I believe now that God put me through that accident to prepare me for life’s battles leading up to this one now. Growing up with half a foot wasn’t exactly easy since kids will be kids. I never used my foot as an excuse to do anything, even though i had my struggles with it. For example, I’ll never know what it’s like to wear flip flops,☹️ but I only had to worry about trimming five toenails instead of 10. So it’s always had it’s positives and negatives. 😎😎 Like everything else in life you have to adapt and overcome👍🏻💪🏻.


Why should this fight be any different? I always try to remind myself that God has a plan. After my little MDA vacay and getting released, I felt like I had won a small battle just being able to leave there with a little assistance from my friends. I couldn’t even walk the day I checked into the ER 11 days earlier. I have to say, the power of prayer and support is truly a beautiful thing. 😃🙏🏻


Being home now comes with a new set of challenges. First and foremost is getting C back to somewhat of a regular routine. I have to catch myself before telling him that “dad” isn’t going anywhere. Even though I know I’m not going anywhere, there is still the stem cell treatments. That’s going to require me to stay in Houston for up to 60 days or longer, depending on how stubborn El Chapo McRib wants to be. I don’t think a 2-year-old would understand that, so I avoid talking about it. I just remind him that Ashley Desormeaux and I are back and I’m getting better.


Although, according to C, he checked my back and I’m still not better after seeing some tape and bruising...😂😂 He did say he would fix it and it was getting better so it’s great to know I’m in good hands. 😃👐🏻 They say kids are very resilient, so hopefully things can get back to normal ASAP. Even during this time Ash continues to amaze me. She’s basically a single mom of two right now taking care of Carter and me. I could not be more blessed and lucky to have her in my life.


After two chemo treatments I really can’t say I feel better or worse. It’s so hard to tell because my ribs are still healing and my back is still recovering. The back procedure I had was a game changer for sure, though. It’s been instant relief every day.


On a truly positive note, the doctor confirmed my suspicion and theory. Since they filled in the fractures in my vertebrate with cement, I predicted I would be taller. The doctor pretty much confirmed my theory before I checked out, so it’s basically science. I apologize now if you don’t recognize me due to my towering presence. 😎😎 Unfortunately now I’ll probably have to buy new pants since my old ones will be too short.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


I’ve also managed to acquire two new walkers. Both have wheels and, thanks to Katie Richard Molitor, I have one that’s geared more toward work now. Mike was kind enough to install some tactical and safety features on said walker! I guess I need to number them one day like my patrol unit. 🤔🤔🤷🏻‍♂️


Hopefully now that I’ve been home for a couple days I’ll be able to get some rest. Being gone for 11 days was not easy, and we’re still in the process of getting re-organized and caught up with everything.


As far as El Chapo McRib is concerned, this weekend I will be back in Houston to complete two more rounds of chemo. After this round I should be able to start receiving treatments in Lake Charles, which will be a huge deal. Until then it’s just a matter of praying and believing that the chemo will destroy El Chapo McRib! The doctors can’t tell me how many rounds of chemo it will take, but they have said be prepared for three or four months of treatment.


I can’t say I’m so super excited about that, because it looks like my boating 🌞🚤season will be chemo season. I think one summer is a very small price to pay for a lifetime of great health, though, so it’s all good!


I can’t repeat myself enough times when I say thanks to everyone! I’ve truly been humbled by the love and support I’ve received since I was diagnosed. The amount of prayers and words of encouragement only help drive me and keep me more focused on getting better and beating cancer.


God bless everyone and thank you!


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." HE>i 😎😎