Back at work and reducing my pain meds


Let me start with a correction about my treatment that my lovely beautiful wife, Ashley Desormeaux, pointed out to me. 😎 The steroids 💉💉 and the chemo ☢️☣️ both weaken my immune system! The steroids 💉💉 do make me feel better after a treatment, but they don't prevent me from getting sick. 🤢🤧 If it were her choice I would be living in a bubble. 💬💬🤷🏻‍♂️😳


My goal this week was to cut down on the pain meds 💊💊 so I could drive and not be stuck in the 🏠 and make it to the 😺🚓🏢 office at some point. Monday I actually got up, and I slowly but surely and made it to 🐕K9 training! The best part was getting to spend just a few minutes with the “Macho” man. 🐕😄😄 I hadn’t seen him since before I was admitted into MDA. 😢☹️ I can’t thank all the handlers at the Sheriff's office enough for taking care of my boy all this time. I’ve been hesitant to bring him back home due to the possible germ issues and the fact that he’s such a big goof ball he could hurt me. 😬😬😳😳 I can’t afford to get knocked down or jumped on this early in the fight! Hopefully next week I’ll bring him home so we can have some one-on-one time again. I’ve missed our random conversations where I get to say whatever I want and he just looks at me like “can I take a nap 🐕💤now?” I know he’s dying for me to throw his ball 🎾🎾 around!


After spending a few hours at K9 training and hanging out with the guys, I had my first 👨🏼‍⚕️ doctor appointment with a local doctor, who will administer my sauce ☣️☢️ treatments.


Before I get on my soap box I have to explain something. Whether it’s the right or wrong thing to do, I have not researched, read or studied anything about multiple myeloma. I only know what the doctors at MDA have told me. So maybe I am a little naive and uneducated about what I’m dealing with. I choose to be that way, and I’ll explain....


The reason I haven’t done any research or talked to anyone other than doctors is because every person and treatment is different! No two people on this planet will have the same effects to the cancer or treatment. God made each and every one of us and we are all different. So why would I need to know or worry about how XYZ treatment did or didn’t work on XYZ person? I can only spend my time and energy on my treatments and my success or failures.


At the appointment, the doctor chewed me out for not taking pain meds regularly. He told me how terrible my cancer is and with the amount of bone damage I have I need to be medicated.🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ The doctor said I wasn’t dealing with a sore elbow, I’m dealing with a bone/blood disease. Thanks, doc, I’m feeling so much better at this point already. 😄🤣 I ask the doc what he thinks my future looks like with my cancer. I already know, according to the medical professionals, that I will live with multiple myeloma for the rest of my life. I also know that God's plan supersedes any and everything on this planet. In my eyes there’s always a possibility that I could be that exception and become cancer-free! There is nothing anyone can tell me that will change my attitude and faith in God.


So the doc hits me with this bomb - he said I will never be the same Allen I was before I was diagnosed. I will never be pre-cancer Allen. I ask him if I’ll ever be able to run or work out again, and he tells me I’ll be lucky if I ever get back to 70 percent of my old self. 😢☹️😡😡


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear all that stuff, because clearly you don’t know me and what I’m capable of! I know I’m just one prayer and a miracle away from being cancer-free, 😎😎 so thanks, doc, for being brutally honest with me. I forgive you for being a Negative Nancy about my future. Lets just say the visit was not what i expected, and weekly trips back to MDA weren’t looking so bad. 😕😕 


It’s times like that when my support system with friends and family has made this process so much easier. As soon as I mentioned how my appointment went they were there to lift up my spirit and push me forward.


That brings me to Tuesday. Since the doctor only gave me more motivation to beat El Chapo McRib and prove him wrong, I continued to cut back on my pain meds. I woke up early and drove myself to the office. It felt great to be back up there and do some paperwork, even if it was just recording our team stats and time sheets. It was also great seeing old faces and hanging out with work peeps 😎😎 I also ditched the cane and walked around unassisted all day, so I’ll just go ahead and knock the dust off my Nike running shoes cause I’ll need them in no time at all!


That’s it for now, time for another nap! Good night and God bless!!


“Clear your mind of can't.”