Amazing lab work and exercising again

I’m still continuing to do really well with the chemo ☢️☣️ treatments. Last week, I had to be in Houston at MDA for three days for scheduled appointments that included a ton of lab work, a check up with the back surgeon and a meeting with my primary myeloma doctor. I was very nervous, to say the least, because it was my first lab work since I completed one full round of chemo☢️☣️😬😬.


Lab results and local chemo

I don’t want to jinx myself, but my lab work came back nothing short of amazing😎😎 ! The cancer is still present, but my numbers looked awesome according my doctor! I will continue to do three more rounds of chemo. The doctor would like for the cancer to be completely gone before we begin stem cell treatments. I also started chemo treatments in Lake Charles, so I don't have to drive to MDA once a week anymore! Now my routine is blood work every Friday and chemo on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Chemo treatments at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital are different, to say the least! The staff is very nice and they help pass the time. I was spoiled at MDA having my own personal bed and room during chemo, but here they give you huge La-Z-Boy to chillax in, so it’s not so bad!



Exercising again

I got great news from the surgeon at MDA - she told me I was allowed to exercise on the treadmill, bike and work out with rubber bands! She informed me that I would most likely always have some type of soreness and pain in my back where they placed cement. She said basically the muscles around those areas are working overtime now. I will most likely develop some type of arthritis in that area and could get a shot every six months if I wanted to. I’m not too worried about that now so that can wait!


New normal and long-term

A little follow up in reference to an issue I had with the local doctor regarding my future after cancer. I had a second meeting with him, and things were 💯 times better! Maybe he was having a bad day or maybe we were both having a bad day before, but our second meeting was great. I’m sure he doesn’t see many patients like me so I had to give him a pass. 🤪😜


I asked my MDA doctor the same questions about my long-term health and prognosis. When she didn’t exactly disagree with the local doctor, it kind of hit me that maybe I won’t be the world class athlete that I once was. 😜😜 Her outlook was a little more positive than his though! Both doctors said that I will always have this disease in my body since it’s a blood disease. So at some point, maybe two years from now or maybe 10 years from now I will likely have to repeat this whole process again. 😢😢


Here’s the thing, though. Until recently, people like me did not have multiple myeloma! Like I said before, it was an "old man's cancer," common in 70-80 year old men - not 38-year-olds! That said, there isn’t much research and long-term data on subjects like me! That tells me they really don’t know what my long-term health may or may not be. According to some state-of-the-art testing I agreed to when I was admitted at MDA, my genes and chromosomes are low-risk for this type of cancer to return. At least that’s what I heard, but I may have that all wrong! I’m sure Ashley Desormeaux will correct me. 😘 The most important fact that keeps me going is knowing that if there is only a 1 percent chance that this disease will completely go away then God will make it possible and that’s all I need to know. I’ll take my 1 percent and faith any day of the week. 😎😎



I still find myself having to adjust to feeling like I can do whatever I want while the doctors and my body are saying something completely different. I did make it to the gym a few times this week and went out to the slab with my teammates Tuesday night. It felt great being able to do things I really enjoy! I think the biggest issue I have is being patient with myself and this process.


Next steps

I’ll continue treatments and work on getting stronger and healthier. I’m sure Ash would agree that the steroids are the biggest problem for me right now - from the mood swings, bloating, hot flashes and increased appetite it’s been a struggle. It’s still a small price to pay to be healthy though.


I’m still amazed and blown away by the support, care and generosity everyone has shown! I can’t possibly thank everyone enough for the continued prayers and support. The power of God and faith has clearly shown itself. There are too many people to list, so thank you to each and every person who has helped and done so much for Ash, Carter and me. Thank you! God bless everyone!


“Stay humble, work hard and be kind.”