26. May 2018
I’m still continuing to do really well with the chemo ☢️☣️ treatments. Last week, I had to be in Houston at MDA for three days for scheduled appointments that included a ton of lab work, a check up with the back surgeon and a meeting with my primary myeloma doctor. I was very nervous, to say the least, because it was my first labwork since I completed one full round of chemo☢️☣️😬😬.
05. May 2018
I’m back at MDA getting a fresh round of sauce. Late Thursday night, I happened to look at my appointment card 📆 from the local doctor's office👨🏼‍⚕️. I’m not sure what happened, but it didn’t have this round of 💉chemo💉 ☢️☣️ on it. With everything going on I can only be 80 percent sure I was scheduled Monday and Tuesday at his office.💉🏨. Well that’s not a very good percentage when we’re talking about my very special cocktail!
02. May 2018
My goal this week was to cut down on the pain meds 💊💊 so I could drive and not be stuck in the 🏠 and make it to the 😺🚓🏢 office at some point.
30. April 2018
So just wrapped up two more rounds of chemo☢️☣️ and steroids 💉💪🏻 this weekend😃😃 at MDA. After some research on the World Wide Web 💻(specifically YouTube 📺) I’ve decided to refer to my chemo ☢️☣️ as the “sauce” and the steroids 💉💪🏻 as the “juice.”😎
27. April 2018
Well it’s another wild and crazy night here at Casa del Desormeaux!!😎😎 Not really, it’s just a typical night of waking up in pain and then not being able to fall back asleep. The bad news is I haven’t been getting a whole lot of sleep. 😴😴😴 The good news is I have a ton of time for random activities😎😁 like updating everyone about El Chapo McRib.
25. April 2018
Just to clear up any confusion, I figured it was past due for me to update everyone. On Sunday, April 22, I was released from MD Anderson!
21. April 2018
Thursday 4/19: Another beautiful day in paradise 🌴☀️🍹went down in the books. I was starting to feel a bit anxious, annoyed and just plain ole sick and tired. The routine, testing, poking, prodding, homesick and missing C all came to a head that day. It started out great like every day, but I could just feel myself having trouble enjoying the moment.
18. April 2018
Since I’m unable to sleep, I figured I would give everyone an update on my condition and experience.
15. April 2018
I’ll start this update by thanking God, my family, friends, strangers, prayer groups, CPSO and the amazing staff at MD Anderson! It would take too long to try to list everyone, so I’ll keep it general.
11. April 2018
Update on me and “El Chapo McRib” - l gave cancer a name after hearing about a fellow deputy who beat his cancer!

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